Wild 005 – Frankyeffe – Control Yourself EP

Wild’s journey returns with a fresh experience again with an italian signature. This time Frankyeffe, already hosted for a remix in a past release, yield us a full original EP with three massive pure techno tunes. “Control Yourself” is such an ironic joke because the track is anything but controlled, after a powerful start the reading become uncontrolled with fast acid stabs as carzy springs blowing away from a gun. “Dark Orbit” has the darker mood of the work, industrail joints worthy of the bests creepy neo-futuristics techno scenery. At last, but not least, “Loud Voice” is a piece which releases energy from anywhere, the typical hands-to-the-sky tune to lunch right in the middle of the night, where the screaming voice contained in the track goes to mix with the shout of the crowd.



Wild 004 – Dandi & Ugo – Cellophane EP Remixes ( Citizen Kain & Lorenzo D’Ianni

Following the hugely successful Chellophane EP, Dandi&Ugo returns with 2 new remixes from Lorenzo D’Ianni and
Citizen Kain to the previous release signed by Dandi&Ugo “Cellophane”. The french producer open the release with a
pure house version, a perfect revisiting wich mark the unmistakable piano stabs and the freshness of the original
one, of course with the peculiar stamp of Citizain Kain. Lorenzo D’Ianni instead, with no half measures tip the mood
to a speedy groovy dancer tune, an overpowering bass action wich merges with the fab synthes making it perfect for
an hotter dancefloor.





Wild 003 – Dandi & Ugo– BOTH TOUGHT ENOUGH EP

The 3rd chapter is signed by the wonder duo Dandi&Ugo. Co-Founders of “Italo-Business”, the guys are one of the main italian reality which spread techno from years all over the world.
Spacing from house to the harder techno there are no limits for these two minds who bring experience from their huge old school baggage; his is the case of “Both Tought Enough EP”, a perfect compound of 2 facets from the best quality techno. “Cellophane” remind all the freshness from the golden years of house music, with the unmistakable piano melody shepherd by a pressing groove and a woman vocal. Contrariwise, “Absynhte” sail in the deeper techno, the voice here is creepy to mark the intense tone leaded from fat stabs and electrifying leads.





Wild 002 – Angy Kore – DISTURBS EP REMIXES – (Frankyeffe – Many Reasons vs NHB)

After the great success of the first release, Wild is ready to return with the 2nd chapter. “Hypersexual Disturb Remixes” is the continual of the first release, the inevitable appointment with other two point of views signed by Frankyeffe, one of the most-up-and-coming producers and dh’s of the “young generation” and the special collab between NHB and Many Reasons aka Minicoolboyz. No compromise, no shitty stuff, only banging techno brainchild.. only Wild!!




Wild 001 – Angy Kore – DISTURBS EP

Wild inaugurates his new route with AnGy KoRe, one of the main protagonist of the international techno scene. Eclectic style and strong soul are the main characteristics of the italian artist who bring us “Disturbs EP”, a 2 tracks release which reflects perfectly both the AnGy KoRe’s personality and the crazy and wildest gist of this new project called just so “Wild”. The first track “Craving” is irrepressible and ravenous with his pressing groove and the synth that’s chomping literally your mind. “Hypersexual Disturb” is a loony point, absolutely not for faint of heart, insidious and anxious.. it will literally f**k your mind.




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