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Wild 002 – Angy Kore – DISTURBS EP REMIXES – (Frankyeffe – Many Reasons vs NHB)

After the great success of the first release, Wild is ready to return with the 2nd chapter. “Hypersexual Disturb Remixes” is the continual of the first release, the inevitable appointment with other two point of views signed by Frankyeffe, one of the most-up-and-coming producers and dh’s of the “young generation” and the special collab between NHB and Many Reasons aka Minicoolboyz. No compromise, no shitty stuff, only banging techno brainchild.. only Wild!!




Wild 001 – Angy Kore – DISTURBS EP

Wild inaugurates his new route with AnGy KoRe, one of the main protagonist of the international techno scene. Eclectic style and strong soul are the main characteristics of the italian artist who bring us “Disturbs EP”, a 2 tracks release which reflects perfectly both the AnGy KoRe’s personality and the crazy and wildest gist of this new project called just so “Wild”. The first track “Craving” is irrepressible and ravenous with his pressing groove and the synth that’s chomping literally your mind. “Hypersexual Disturb” is a loony point, absolutely not for faint of heart, insidious and anxious.. it will literally f**k your mind.