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Wild 006 – Frankyeffe – Loud Voice Remixes ( Paula Cazenave & Gery Otis)


Wild is back on the roots with two remixes of Frankyeffe’s “Loud Voice”: Gery Otis remix is a trip into the melodic but vibrating techno on an heavy and powerful bass.
Paula Cazenave gives her impeccable imprint, creating a crowd-moving track with a swelling bass and typical techno sounds; Paula’s remix is able to bring everyone to happy moments thanks to its energy.
The results are two remixes with hypnotic techno grooves, that everybody will love to listen to.

Beatport (Release date 30/11/2015)


Wild 002 – Angy Kore – DISTURBS EP REMIXES – (Frankyeffe – Many Reasons vs NHB)

After the great success of the first release, Wild is ready to return with the 2nd chapter. “Hypersexual Disturb Remixes” is the continual of the first release, the inevitable appointment with other two point of views signed by Frankyeffe, one of the most-up-and-coming producers and dh’s of the “young generation” and the special collab between NHB and Many Reasons aka Minicoolboyz. No compromise, no shitty stuff, only banging techno brainchild.. only Wild!!